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Thursday, 16 January 2014

Best Destinations for Golf Holidays

Is golf your game? Have you been looking forward to travelling to some of the most luxurious golf locations in the world? Well, here are the top 3 golfing destinations that you must visit:

1.Sotogrande, Spain:

Designed by the much renowned Robert Jones, this golf course stands proudly as one of the most striking courses around the world. Also, it is a course for players of all levels. Being surrounded with natural vegetation, this course is nothing short of being fascinating. It is well maintained and houses pines, cork oaks, palm trees and other such trees, this course is naturally beautiful.

2.Mission Hills, Phuket:

Located amidst the coastal mangroves forest, this golf resort cannot be missed out on by golf lovers. It is a magnificent resort with many challenging holes. However, even if you are an occasional player, this place is a treat! Wide tees, lush green surroundings, the golf course features an island as well! The resort has excellent facilities of international standard.

3.Vilamoura Old Course, Portugal:

With an average 350 sunshine days a year, this place is just perfect for a golfing holiday. One of the most loved and most celebrated golf courses is the Vilamoura Old Course. It opened in 1969 and is the oldest golf course in Algarve. The course is very well maintained and is full of excellent opportunities for all kinds of players, be a beginner or an expert. There are exceptional facilities when it comes to food and relaxation.

These are the three golf courses where every golf lover should spend the sometime and have the time of your life.

Seychelles: A Blissful Escapade

Are you a total beach lover? Are you planning to explore some of the most exotic beaches around the world? Well, you surely cannot miss out on the islands of Seychelles! What makes this place completely mesmerizing is the fact that every island here has distinct geography that you will fall in love with. The granite and coral islands are sure to make you go gaga over them. Moreover, the breathtaking, pristine waters of the beaches are something you’d definitely want to enjoy. Still confused about how to explore Seychelles? Well, here are some suggestions you could use to make your trip a memorable one:
With mesmerizing azure waters and strikingly beautiful coral reefs, snorkelling is great fun! You lose yourself amidst the beautiful corals, amidst the vegetation and species of water animals that you’ve never seen before. Don’t worry even if you are a beginner or haven’t ever done snorkelling before; you can get the proper training and then plunge into the crystal clear waters to swim in the water paradise.

Sight Seeing:

Yes, Seychelles is majorly known for its beaches, coral reefs and being a paradise in water, but that does not mean these are the only things you can enjoy here. There are a lot of places you can explore like the art galleries, historical monuments, heritage sites and natural reserves. Seychelles is full of places to be explored.


Let your taste buds savour the wonderful food delights available here. This place offers you a unique cuisine which has the influence of French, Indian, African, Chinese and English cooking. Well, you are at a place where sea food is available aplenty! Coconuts, bananas and papayas are majorly used to create mouth watering delicacies.

Seychelles is a completely blissful getaway. You can enjoy its tranquillity and serenity and escape into a world away from the hustle bustle of your everyday life.
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