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Wednesday, 16 April 2014

5 Mistakes to Avoid While Booking Your Vacation Online

So, you plan to book your vacation online because the online booking deals entice you, rather your wallet? Well, booking trips online is surely an excellent idea. However, here are a few mistakes that could send your well planned vacation for a toss:

1. Booking too late:
When you know you have to go on a specific date, never make the mistake of booking at the last minute. It is advisable that you at least book two or three weeks prior to your trip. There are possibilities of you not getting the best deals, getting expensive deals or for that matter the hotel you want to stay in is full! So, it is better to book beforehand.

2. Not Comparing:
There are several companies which provide you the option of booking online. Also, there are various third party websites which offer you heavy discounts and excellent offers. So, if you do not check the same, you might end up paying a lot more and not be able to take advantage of these discounted online deals.

3. Not doing proper research:
What if you end up booking with a bogus company? Well, nobody but you bears the losses and frets over the fraud. To avoid this nightmare, ensure that you do enough research about the company you plan to book with. Read reviews and ask friends for suggestions.

4. Ignoring the Fine Print:
There are many little devils hidden in the fine print which could make a mess out of your vacation. So, ensure that you read everything- the fine print included. It is important for you to understand the importance of these sentences mentioned in the fine print so that there is no inconvenience later on.

5. Ignoring Follow Ups:
Well, many people just book the tickets and the hotels and then do not really keep a track on the same.  You might get a mail saying that your bookings have been cancelled for some reason. If you do not keep a track on the same, you might end up in a soup.

So, follow these tips and have a hassle free trip by avoiding all the silly errors.


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