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Thursday, 24 July 2014

10 Things You Should Keep in Your Day Bag When You Travel

1. Passport, Identity proof

2. Wallet.

3. A scarf. If it gets cold on the plane, you can always wear a scarf, or you can use it to liven up your outfit.

4. Medication. Make sure you carry allergy medications and a basic aspirin. Cough drops, vitamins and band aids are also helpful

5. Tissues. These are indispensable when you travel. Whether you got a cold or your hands are dirty, it is important to keep tissues around.

6. A bottle of water. Stay Hydrated; that is the golden rule when you travel.

7. A mobile phone. To stay in touch with your friends and for emergencies.

8. A camera. With mobile phones nowadays taking amazing photos, a camera if almost void, but still remains a travel essential if you want to click drool-worthy photographs that a mobile phone just cannot do.

9. A Map or a GPS device. For when you get lost or you just want to go travelling like the adventurer you are!

10. Something to make you feel comfortable. It could be a book or an e-reading device. Or maybe an iPod or an iPad loaded with movies, this should be something that you can drown in when you feel lonely.

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