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Tuesday, 15 July 2014

You Just Can’t Miss These Beaches When You Are In Brazil!

Copacabana beach
The Copacabana beach is one of the most famous beaches of the world. It is a 4 km long stretch of beach that is lined with restaurants, bars, shops and beautiful people.
This vibrant beach is always dotted with people. You can rent chairs, sunscreen, umbrellas, towels and other beach gear from the kiosks lining the beach.

For our final selection, we bring you the beautiful and pristine but yet relatively little-known destination of Alagoas in North-east Brazil. This is a secret beach where you will find very few tourists. It is mostly frequented by the locals who like to get away from the commotion of the cities.
Alagoas is a laid back region not for the party-seeking tourist but if you are seeking quiet and some solitude, it can be paradise.

Praia do Forte
Praia do Forte is a beautiful and attractive beach that has a variety of stylish restaurants and shops. It is one of the most striking and prominent spots in northeast Brazil. If you are looking for a getaway from the noise and crowds of Salvador, this beach is an ideal choice.

Porto de Galinhas
If natural clear waters and a wide variety of tropical fish is your beach calling, then this is the beach for you. It is one of the best destinations to snorkel in Brazil. It has been voted "Best Brazilian Beach" for the eighth time in a row by the readers of Voyage & Tourism Brazilian magazine.

Praia da Pipa
White sand beaches and sparkling blue water, ringed by high cliffs and tropical palms are sure to make anyone fall in love with Praia da Pipa. This little paradise is full of light and life. And if that doesn’t sound perfect, then they have dolphins!

Taipu de Fora
An easy stretch of 7 kms and full of coconut trees, this beach is famous for its natural pools formed by the reefs. It is very beautiful and you can spend hours here. It has a huge variety of fishes and is considered the perfect place for snorkeling.

Porto da Barra, Salvador, Brazil

This beach is at the heart of Brazil’s third most populous city and it attracts crowds in record-numbers. That being said, this is also a very calm beach and tourists who like to swim often prefer this beach. What make this beach even more charming and quaint is the fact that it has a small fort at one end and a whitewashed church on another!


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